Pisang Bakar Coklat Keju (Grilled Bananas/Plantains Topped with Chocolate and Cheese)

Pisang Bakar Coklat Keju -Grilled Bananas-Plantains Topped with Chocolate and Cheese

Pisang Bakar Coklat Keju

Snack? I think lots people love to snack. During my university's time in Bogor, I used to snack around midnight. I went to bed very late due to the paper-works and snacked more than ever. As my foodie's friend, Rurie said, there are always 24/7 food street vendors in Indonesia. Never get worried to starve in the middle of the might. I often went to warkop (coffee street vendors) or warung tenda (food street vendors with tends) to buy Pisang Bakar Coklat Keju. I hopped in an angkot (public mini transportation which is numerous in Bogor) to go to Padjajaran boulevard to get this yummy snack. Along with this pisang bakar, I had a cup of cappuccino or wedang jahe (Indonesian ginger tea).

Well, making this snack isn't that hard. Easy peasy recipe! In this case, I applied unsalted butter instead of margarine that is used by the Indonesians to grill/bbq the bananas/plantains.

Despite the Western taste-buds are not used to this weird combination, I know two Canadians who fell in love with this snack. One is my husband, another one is a lady who owns the house that I stay whenever I'm in Boissevain.


  • saba bananas/plantains (Indonesian: pisang kepok/ pisang raja/tanduk)
  • white mild cheddar cheese
  • chocolate sprinkle "ceres" brand
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • unsalted butter


  1. Brush butter on bananas. Grill/bbq on charcoal is better or on stove with a grill pan until golden brown.
  2. Plate the cooked bananas on a plate. Grate cheese and sprinkle chocolate over. Swirl the sweetened condensed milk on.